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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need To Take A Trip To Kiribati Islands

Kiribati which is also known as an Island Nation is mixed blend of brimming wildlife and coral reefs. The country is home to 32 atolls and each atoll has own set of unique characteristics.  The language of the locals is Oceanic however English is well understood here thanks to a number of immigrants who have come from different parts of the world to get settled here. Kiribati is a great place to spend vacation at. There are a lot of places which are worth touring here.



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In the headings below we have mentioned 5 of these tourist attractions. In fact these 5 attractions are the greatest reason, why you should be travelling to Kiribati.


The place which tops our list is Abaiang. The place is considered as the most popular island of the region. The island is well connected with other islands too however it is the most remote as compared to others. The two main offerings of this Island are calmness and seclusion.  You will see a lot of Women weaving salting clams here. This site is very fascinating for individuals who come from other parts of the world.


You can come to Abemama directly via plane from Tarawa. The Island belongs to a royal family and is simply an awesome destination. The island has access to the nearby reefs and this is the prime reason behind its fame. A unique barking frog is also found in this area which surely is an attraction for individuals who have interest in wildlife.


The majority of sea life of Kiribati is found in Butaritari. There are a lot of activities that are held throughout the year in this region. A Great number of coconut breadfruits are also found here. The fruit is worth trying and surely is tasty.  The recreation is mostly linked with the beaches and the rich history of the region.

Fanning Island

Also known as Taubuaran, the fanning island is considered as a tourist land because of its cruise destination. The region offers sightseeing tours and snorkeling opportunities for its visitors.  The Island is relatively small as compared to some of its counterparts however still it’s a great place to visit.

Banaba Island

Last but not the least is Banaba Island.  The biggest attraction in the Island is the Banaba High Point. The view is wonderful and the world surely looks different from mountain top.