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About Us

Visit Kiribati Website is a website that has been set up for the people to tell them about the lesser known tourist destinations all over the world. We think that some of the best tourist destinations do not get the actual recognition they deserve. Places like Kiribati are visited by very few tourists each year. The beautiful group of Kiribati islands is not much known to the people but it is one of the most beautiful sets of islands present in the Pacific ocean. The islands are the home to many beautiful sea birds and fishes. This destination has the potential of becoming one of the most visited destinations in the entire world. We try to bring to you many such destinations that we think are under-appreciated.

Kiribati islands
Majestic Kiribati Islands

Kiribati has inspired us to start this website and let the world know, what a wonder this beautiful set of islands is. Kiribati has some beautiful beaches with clear sand and deep blue waters. There are also some reefs and lagoons perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling. There are a lot of migratory birds that move to these islands every year to breed and nest. The professional bird watchers would have definitely heard of this place because of its importance in the sea birds migration. The island also has some amazing cuisines and the sea foods are their best dishes.

The weather in Kiribati is a little warm all throughout the year and is perfect to enjoy the beach activities. The cost of visiting this beautiful set of islands is also not very high. Since most of the islands are remote you will not have to pay a lot of price for your accommodation and food.

There are many misconceptions about the islands that they do not have a clean environment, there are many diseases prevalent all through the island, the people there are unfriendly and the tourists are not safe. All these beliefs are not true. The Kiribati Islands are very safe. The water is clean and does not cause any diseases. Most of their dishes are prepared from the fishes that are freshly caught from the sea and are not at all harmful. They are very nutritious. The people all around the island are very friendly and do not mind helping the tourists get around the place. These misconceptions are another reason for people to not visit these beautiful places.

Kiribati Island
Kiribati Island

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We also provide planned itineraries to all our readers and help them get the best out of their vacations. You just need to tell us your check-in and check out dates and we will help you build the best vacation plan according to your budget. We will also be glad to help you with any other queries about the destination. If you want us to write about any destination that you prefer, please write to us and we will gladly look at it and most probably post about it on our website. If you are a writer and want to share your experiences with us, feel free to email us. We are always looking for new ideas.

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