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Amazing Recreational Opportunities Worth Enjoying

The Republic of Kiribati is a group of some islands and thirty-two atolls which form a beautiful tourist destination. The white sandy beaches, clear blue water, and the mesmerizing scenery are enough to make anybody fall in love with this place. Even though the scenery is enough for it to attract the tourists, but there are many more recreational opportunities available on these islands. Some of which are:

Bird Watching

Kiribati islands are a bird watcher’s paradise. The islands are a mating and breeding grounds for many unique varieties of seabirds.

Bird Watching At The Shore
Bird Watching At The Shore

There are nine protected and designated nesting and breeding zones all over the islands. The Kiribati government makes sure to protect these places and does not let any harm come to these areas.

The main breeding season is June to December but you will be able to find birds nesting all throughout the of the year. The Kiritimati Christmas islands are the biggest bird watching destination and have many resorts that provide you with the detailed tour of these places. The most popular birds that you will find on these islands are Masked Boobies, Frigate Birds, Fairy Tern and Black Noddies. You can hire a boat to reach the various small islands or take a truck to the far off secluded sites.


There is nothing better than a clear blue sea. Swimming is another activity that attracts the people all around the world to the Kiribati islands. Tarawa has the Dai Nippon Causeway that is an amazing location to go for a swim. Apart from this, if you are staying at the Gilbert Islands, do not miss out a chance to go to the Outer Islands and North Tarawa to take a swim. Please note that the South Tarawa lagoons are not safe for swimming and should be avoided.

Scuba Diving

The Kiribati islands are practically untouched and have not been exploited by the people. The best thing to do in these islands is scuba diving. It is one of the main attractions because the marine life you will experience while scuba diving here is astounding. There are many fishes and marine life that are easily seen in the clear waters. The Christmas islands are the best to go scuba diving since they have the best diving experience in the archipelago. The Christmas island diver’s association has many tour packages that help you get to the best diving sites. The Phoenix island also provides amazing diving but the only problem is that the island is restricted to some places.

Surfing at Kiribati Island
Surfing at Kiribati Island


If you like fishing then you should not waste any time and go to Kiribati for your next vacation. Kiribati is said to be one of the best fishing locations in the whole world. Fishing also serves as a big pastime for the locals here and is also one of the major sources of food for the people on the island. Bonefish is one of the famous varieties of fish. The other varieties that you can catch are Marlin and Tuna. The best places to go fishing in Kiribati are the Christmas Islands and the Phoenix islands. Apart from these, the Dai Nippon Causeway, Ouba and the Ambo Island lagoon are also very famous fishing destinations. The hotels and the resorts around these places can arrange for a fishing tour that includes a guide and a boat. They might also include transferring you to the remote locations so that you can enjoy your time fishing quietly in the lap of nature.

Whale Watching

This water bodies in this region are a home to all kinds of aquatic animals. The killer whales, minks, and the dolphins can be easily spotted throughout the Kiribati islands. The hotels, resorts and the guesthouses let you rent out a boat with a skipper who guides you through the seas and help you spot the magnificent creatures in the sea.


The Kiribati islands are also a famous surfing destination. The Fanning Islands, Kiritimati or the Christmas islands and the Gilbert islands are the famous surfing spots. Out of all these, Fanning islands are the place that attracts tourists all over the year to surf in its clear blue waters and high tides.

Kiribati surfing

The Kiritimati surf season lasts from October to March and Tarawa and Gilbert has their surfing seasons all around the year. However, it should be noted that not all of the Gilbert is good for surfing. You need to ask your hotel and its authorities to give you the list of the locations that are suitable for surfing.