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captain hook hotel

5 Best Hotels Offering Amazing Cuisines

The Republic Of Kiribati is a cluster of many small islands situated in the Pacific ocean. The staple food of this island country is rice and fish. The famous dish here is Palu Sami which is made of coconut cream, curry powder, taro leaves and seaweed concoction. In the southern parts, the Pandanus fruit is very famous and should be given a try. There are not many hotels available in Kiribati because it is not that big a tourist destination. But the out of the ones that are there, some offer exceptional culinary experience. These include:

Captain Cook Hotel

captain hook hotel
A View Of Captain Hook Hotel

The Captain Cook is a hotel in the Christmas islands and is owned by the Government of Kiribati. It is located on the beach and has a splendid view from the balcony. There is also a private bathing lagoon that is located only a few minutes away from the hotel property. It was the first hotel that was built on the islands and is one of the best.

You can either book one of the 20 standard rooms or one of the twenty duplex bungalows. The hotel has a beautiful restaurant that provides you with every type of cuisine from the local to the western. Sitting in front of the sea and eating in the beautifully decorated restaurant is the best a person can get from a vacation. When you are eating at Captain Cook Hotel, give their seafood, especially the lobster a try. The seafood is said to be their specialty.

Tabon Te Kekee

Seashore at Tabon te Kekee
Seashore At Tabon Te Kekee

This hotel is located in the Tarawa atoll of the Kiribati islands. This is a very traditional accommodation emphasizing greatly on protecting the nature and does not follow any practices that might harm the environment. The hotel is situated on the beach and has amazing beach view rooms that you can book. They have the rooms on the beach that gives it a nice camp-like feel. There are no walls and no beds. You are only given mattresses and some basic amenities. The place is very pleasant to stay for a few days and unwind. The restaurant is also located on top of the lagoon to give it a nice look. They serve a lot of traditional and western cuisine. The seafood all over the Kiribati is good and their restaurant also

specializes in the seafood department. This food enjoyed with the beautiful view will make your experience of dining a memorable one.

Mary’s Motel And Restaurant

This is a small hotel situated in Kiribati that is run by a family. It is one of the oldest hotels in Kiribati and have been operational since the 1990s. It is located in Tarawa which is the capital of Kiribati and has an enchanting ocean view. The rooms are pretty basic but give you a very beautiful sea view. They have an in-house restaurant that serves amazing food from the local to international. They serve great fish and lobsters that you should definitely try.

Dreamers Guest House

The Dreamers Guest House is a beautiful sea facing guesthouse located in the southern parts of Tarawa. It provides a perfect view of the beaches and the three small islets that are situated between the mainland and the ocean. The guests are given free kayaks, snorkels, masks and flippers to explore the beaches. They have an in-house restaurant that provides great food. They provide traditional Kiribati meals and even the western meals but use only the local ingredients. All their food items have a Kiribati taste. They are famous for their variety of fresh fishes and shellfishes.

The George Hotel Bungalow

The George Hotel Bungalow

This is a recently launched hotel in the Teaoraereke Town of the Kiribati. This is a very beautiful bungalow hotel located near the sea. They also have a restaurant that serves almost every cuisine. The local food like lobsters and fishes are the best in this hotel. So if you are visiting here, do give this one a try.

There are not many places to go and eat in Kiribati and the hotels usually have their own restaurants serving the local and international food. The best part is that you can find any type of food anywhere in Kiribati except for the places that are remote and far away from tourist areas.