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Seashore at Tabon te Kekee

Travel Guide To Kiribati Islands

Kiribati is a group of islands situated in the Micronesia sea. It has 33 atolls that are spread over an area of about 3.5 million square kilometers. This place is a lesser known tourist destination. The site of the beautiful beaches facing the beautiful blue waters is enchanting. If you are in the need of a quiet and fun filled vacation, Kiribati island is the place to be.

How To Get In?

You can travel to Kiribati only through an airplane. The Fiji Airways provides two nonstop flights to Kiribati from Fiji and Nadi. You can also take the Nauru Airlines that have a flight service to Tarawa from Nadi and Nassau.

Where To Stay?

You can choose from the various hotels according to the place you are staying at. The famous destinations are North Tarawa, South Tarawa, Gilbert Islands and the Kiritimati Islands.

captain hook hotel
One Of The Best Hotel In Kiribati – Captain Hook Hotel

The Kiritimati islands have some very famous fishing lodges, motels and guesthouses to choose from. These lodges can be the best option if staying in Kiritimati because it is one of the world’s most famous bone fishing spot and these lodges give you a package that includes fishing trips and guides. If you plan on staying at the Gilbert islands, be ready to find only very few tourists and hotels there. Most of the outer island guesthouses are run by the Island Councils who also provide you with the services to explore the islands. ┬áIn the south and north Tarawa, it is not at all tough to find a decent hotel. It should be noted that the most visited spots are located in North and South Tarawa and you might not get instant reservations in the hotels all throughout the year. Therefore, it is advisable to make an early booking to save yourself from any


What To Do?

Kiribati is an island country so it is obvious that you will be greeted with lots of beaches. You can go relax on the beaches or if you are feeling a little adventurous, water sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing etc are also available on many islands.

Explore Outer Islands
Explore Outer Islands

There are many World War II remnants all around the islands like Tarawa, Abemama, Butaritari and Banaba. You can encounter some shipwrecks, old tanks, bunkers and some plane wrecks while exploring these islands. Opting for a guided tour is better so that you can know the whole story behind these remains.

The Phoenix Islands Marine Protected areas are a treat for the sea life enthusiasts. The islands are also home to some very rare bird species and bird watching is something you can do while in Kiribati.


The Kiribati islands are not only hot but are also humid. The temperature is high all throughout the year, becoming a little mild during the winters. Some droughts have also been seen in the past years on the islands. The months from December to March are usually wet.

How Costly Is It?

The cost is one of the biggest factors in planning any vacation. You can visit Kiribati on any budget. There are many decent and affordable hotels, resorts and guesthouses all over the islands. The traveling might be a little costlier. All in all, you need a medium budget in order to spend your vacations in Kiribati.