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one of the outer islands

5 Best Destinations Of Tourist Attraction In Kiribati

Kiribati is one of the most rapidly growing tourist destinations in the world. It is a group of thirty-two atolls famous for its beautiful beaches and spectacular scenery. Although the whole island is filled with beautiful locations and amazing things to do, some of the best tourist destinations in Kiribati are:

Christmas Islands

christmas island from google earth
Christmas Island From Google Earth

The Christmas islands, also known as the Kiritimati islands are a raised coral atoll in the Pacific ocean. The islands have the largest coral atoll area in the whole world. These are one of the biggest North Line islands and also holds the maximum land area of Kiribati. Captain James Cook found this island on a Christmas eve and that is from where they got the name. The Christmas islands have a plethora of activities to offer. It is one of the best bird watching destinations in the world.

Many seabirds come here to mate and nest all throughout the year. You can book a hotel with the bird watching package to have the best experience. You can also go scuba diving. The clear blue water and the unexploited nature lets you see many species of fishes, turtles and the world war II shipwrecks under the sea. You can even go fishing and catch some of the best bonefish in this island. You can also shop for some beautiful native handicraft items at a very low price.

Fanning Islands

Also known as the Tabuaeran by the locals, these are also one of the most visited tourist destinations in Kiribati. This beautiful islands have a number of beaches all around it where you can go laze around and enjoy your vacation in peace. These islands are mostly unexplored and very few tourists come here. You can get reach here either by boat or seaplane. These islands are a Game Wildlife Reserve. You can sit in a secluded part of the beach and bird watch. Do not forget to bring your camera because you are sure to get some amazing shots of the beautiful native birds of Kiribati. You can also go fishing here, the hotel you are staying at can arrange for your boating trip. One thing you need to note that this island has no shops, no restaurants, no cafes and no hotels. So, if you wish to stay overnight, bring along all your stuff with you and take care of your belongings.


Tarawa is the capital of the Republic of Kiribati. It is a group of interconnected islets that are in the shape of a boomerang. The islands are usually connected to each other by bridges but you might have to take a boat to reach to a few of them. If you want to live in between the people and experience the culture of the island, then the southern parts of Tarawa are the place to stay. But if you want to spend your vacation in a place away from the people, then northern parts of Tarawa should be chosen. There are many of Kiribati’s historically important centers that showcase the Kiribati’s culture and history on the Bikenibeu. The other parts of Tarawa show the remains of the world war II battles. You can also experience sailing in the lagoons and do reef fishing on the island.

Outer Islands

one of the outer islands
One Of The Outer Islands

The outer islands of Kiribati are not at all explored yet are the most beautiful parts of the Republic of Kiribati. The Outer Islands provide the tourists with a lot of recreational activities from fishing to, scuba diving to cultural activities. The easily accessible island is the Abaiang and is famous for the huge amount of fishing activities available for the tourists. The Butaritari is another island which is said to be the greenest island of Kiribati and is famous for its world war II ruins. The Abemama island is good for snorkeling and swimming in the lagoons. The Tabiteuea is another island that is a traditional hotspot in the Kiribati and is also the longest island.

World War II Battle Sights

These beautiful islands of Kiribati have seen some of the bloodiest battles of the second world war. The places like Abemama, Tarawa, and Butaritari along with the Banana islands are the main sites for these WWII. The things like broken warships, old artifacts, bunkers, and old tanks can be seen. There are many wrecked ships you can find inside the sea while scuba diving.