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Kiribati islands

Kiribati: A Beautiful Display Of Islands

Kiribati is the collection of a number of islands that have a total of one raised coral island and thirty-two atolls. The island is divided mainly into three groups namely the Gilbert, Phoenix and the Line Islands. All these islands are filled with beautiful scenery and many fun activities to keep the tourists busy. Kiribati: A Beautiful Display of Island


Gilbert Island Aerial View
Gilbert Island Aerial View

The Gilbert is one of the most famous groups of islands in Kiribati. It has a chain of 16 atolls and the coral islands. The equator divides the north and the south parts of these islands and both the parts are very distinct in their features. The Gilbert islands are very famous for its beautiful white sand beaches that are one of the best places to spend your vacation in the lap of nature.

Butaritari, one of the biggest sites of the World War Two remains in Kiribati. The remains can still be seen on the beaches and under the sea. It is a tropical island with a lot of vegetation like banana and pumpkin growing widely on it. While in Butaritari, make sure you visit the Japanese American war base from the World War II. Here you will find many remains of crashed airplanes, pontoons and bunkers. The other memorial site that you can visit is the Yuangang village.

The Abemama islands are another cluster of islands. They have amazing fishing spots and kayaking facilities. If you want to experience the local culture of Kiribati, Abemama is the place you should visit. They have one of the most friendly people who are very always welcoming and helpful.


The Phoenix islands are the group of eight atolls and two coral reefs that have been submerged in the water. The islands in the Phoenix Island groups are Enderbury Islands, Abariringa, Birnie Island, Rawaki, Manara, Orona, Nikumaroro, Winslow Reef, Carondelet Reef, Baker Island and the Howland Island. Most of the islands in Phoenix are coral islands that have not been exploited by the humans and retain their full natural beauty.

The Abariringa or the Kanton island is the main island and has a very little population. The Phoenix island protected area is said to be the world’s largest marine protected area and has vast varieties of marine species. It was given the status of the UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 2010. Phoenix islands are the bird watchers heaven. Since the population is very sparse, getting here is a bit difficult because of the lesser availability of transport means.

Line Islands

Line Island Aerial View
Line Island Aerial View

The Line Islands is a cluster of thirteen small atolls and coral islands. These atolls have either fully or partially closed lagoons. The atolls and reefs that constitute the Line Islands are Kingman Reef, Palmyra Atoll, Teraina, Tabuaeran, Kiritimati, Jarvis Island, Malden Island, Filippo Reef, Starbuck Island, Caroline Island, Vostok Island and Flint island.

The Kiritimati or the Christmas islands are the most famous of all these atolls. They are the largest atoll in size in the whole world. There are numerous things that you can do in the Kiritimati island. You can go scuba diving and encounter some of the beautiful sea life. You can hire a boat and take out some time to go fishing. It is one of the best places for the divers since it has some very impressive places for the divers to explore the underwater world.

The Fanning islands are the ones that have one of the biggest bird populations in the whole Kiribati. You can sit on the beach, bird watch and also go fishing on the island.