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Rare Plant And Animal Species Indigenous To Kiribati Islands

Category: Exploring Kiribati

Kiribati islands are located in the central Pacific Ocean making it jam-packed with rare plant and animal species which are native to these islands.

These islands are the holy grail of plant and animal watchers and wildlife photographers.

Here under are some of the rare native plant and animal species in Kiribati islands:

There are two endemic birds which are:


This bird is also known as Kiritimati Reed Warbler or Christmas Island Warbler. This bird has unique feathers shape on its whole body, especially the head. The feathers of these birds have testosterone improving properties which make them highly endangered because of all the hunting.

Kiritimati Sandpiper

It is also known as Prosobonia Cancellata. This bird species is speculated to be extinct since the starting of the nineteenth century because of hunting.

Some of the marine fishes are:

Xanthichthys Greenei

These are also known as Reef Builders. This name pays homage to the man who first held this fish in his hand named X. Greenei. This triggerfish is small in dimensions but prominent in color contrast which is also very profound. These fishes reside in the great depths of the ocean.

Y-Barred Sandperch Parapercis Lata

This fish is found in the shallow waters which makes it easy to spot one of them. They are usually big in their proportions and are white in their body color. They have patches of red shade all over their body. They have a unique set of scales which differentiates them from the other fishes.

Candy Scale Pygmy Goby Trimma Squamicana

This fish may be unique to other parts of the world but is quite common to the Kiribati islands. They are found at the depths of 30 to 150 feet and are small in size and light in color.

Some of the plants found in Kiribati are:

Lepturus Algerians  

This is a ubiquitous sight on the islands of Kiribati and is found on white sand beaches. This green grass is long and sharp in its appearance and is very prevalent in these islands.

Starbuck Island Daisy Bidens Kiribatiensis

The islands of Kiribati illuminate with yellow flowers in the spring.

An eye candy and act as a magnet for all the tourists.

Pandanus Fanning Enosis   

These are the trees indigenous to the beaches of Kiribati islands. It is also known as screwpine as there are wide and sharp stems bulging out of the trees.

This broad range of life is the essence of Kiribati islands and a significant tourist attraction.