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Must Visit Places In Kiribati


Tarawa is one of the atolls in the Gilbert group of islands, Kiribati. Tarawa has seen many battles during the World War II and still has some remains of them. You can get to Tarawa through an

The central pacific island of Tarawa in Kiribati

airplane or a boat. The boats from Fiji come here very frequently and you can easily get a reservation in those.

Although you should note that the time schedule is not fixed for these boats, so you need to check with the port authorities. Tarawa has a huge lagoon which has a lot of different variety of fishes and other marine creatures. The island is a great place to go diving and fishing. The temperature from April to October is the perfect time to visit Tarawa.  There are many World War II remains all over the island that you can go and visit. The hotels provide guided tours to these places so that you can get to know about the exact history behind the remains.

If you want to spend your vacation swimming and snorkeling in the beaches away from the city’s hustle-bustle, this is the right place for you to be.

Kiritimati Islands

The Kiritimati Islands in English means Christmas islands. These are the world’s largest coral atoll. Mostly famous for its diverse marine life, this place is a diver’s paradise. The island provides lots of activities for the tourists. Fishing is one of the biggest recreational activity on this island not only for the tourists but also the native people. The fishes and lobsters are the main raw materials for the island’s cuisine. If you visit Kiritimati on New year’s eve, you will be the first one to step into the next year since Kiritimati time is 14 minutes ahead of the world. Apart from fishing, bird watching is also a very famous thing to do in Kiribati. You will discover many varieties of corals, fishes and sea turtles while scuba diving. ┬áThe best part about spending your vacation here is that you do not have to spend a lot of money for most of the commodities. Since it is a very secluded place, the cost of living as a tourist or a resident is very low.


The Marakei Island is a part of the group of Gilbert islands. The unique thing about this island is that there is a deep blue lagoon in the middle of this island. As soon as you get into the island, you will get a traditional welcome called Te Katanin. As a ritual, you will be escorted around the island anticlockwise by the people.

Gilbert Island Aerial View
Gilbert Island Aerial View

You can also go canoeing in the lagoon. The boats and a guide are arranged by the hotel. You can also go snorkeling and get closer to the beautiful unexploited marine life. You need to get your own snorkeling gear; there are no rented ones available. The island is beautiful with a rich culture and friendly people. They are more than glad to involve the tourists in their traditions.


There are over fifty atolls and coral reefs in the Republic of Kiribati and all of them have the best natural sceneries. Since they are located beside the Pacific ocean, they have numerous beaches and lagoons. Fishing and birdwatching are the two activities that attract most tourists. Most of the beaches have many seabirds breeding and nesting. Visiting Kiribati once in their lifetime is a must for everyone.