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Unique and Interesting Geographic Anomalies

The islands of Kiribati are a cluster of many beautiful islands that are spread all over the Pacific ocean. The place is mostly unexplored and remains one of the best holiday destination for the people seeking quiet and calm spaces around the beach. The islands are very special in their own ways. Here are a few geographical Anomalies found on these islands:

Situated Within All Four Hemisphere

National Flag of Kiribati
National Flag of Kiribati

The island country of Kiribati which has 32 atolls falls in all the four hemispheres. Our earth has been divided into four hemispheres namely Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Eastern Hemisphere and Western Hemisphere. The Republic of Kiribati is the only country in the world that is situated in all these hemispheres. This happens because it is spread over a large area on the pacific ocean and passes through the equator and the Anti-Meridian. The northmost point of Kiribati is the Line islands and Teraina, the southmost are Flint Island and Line islands, the westmost are Banaba Islands and the eastmost are the Caroline Islands and the Line Islands.

Ahead Of The GMT By 14 Minutes

Kiribati Island nation is the only country that is ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time by fourteen minutes. It was previously known as the world’s standard time but that has now been changed. An interesting thing is that the Republic of Kiribati is the first country to ring in the new year every year. It can actually be said that Kiribati is way ahead of time.

Land Area

The land area of Kiribati Island including its 32 atolls is about 811 kilometer squares. The unique thing is that the atolls are spread out so much that they cover a huge area of about 3,441,810 kilometer squares. So because of this, the country covers 4243 times larger area than its land area. This makes it one of the largest islands country in the world.

32 Atolls And Reef Islands

Stone Island Part of Kiribati Island

The Kiribati Islands are a cluster of thirty-two atolls. These atolls situated on the Pacific ocean are exclusive in their own ways. Out of these, twenty-one atolls are inhabited. Although the population in most of them is very sparse, they still are very famous tourist places.Unique and Interesting Geographic Anomalies

Kiritimati Is The Largest Coral Atoll

Kiritimati Island Map

Kiritimati islands in Kiribati are the largest coral atoll in the whole world. An atoll is a round ring-shaped coral reef that includes a coral rim encircling a lagoon completely or partially. Most of the atolls in the world are found in the Pacific Ocean. Kiritimati is the biggest of them spreading on an area of about 328 square kilometers of land, 160 kilometer square of the main lagoon and about 168 kilometers square of the other lagoons. It is also the world’s largest raised coral atoll.

The Country Is At A Risk Of Submerging In Next 50 Years

The country has been slowly submerging in the sea. In the year 1999 two small islets, Tebua Tarawa and Abanuea that were uninhabited disappeared. It is believed that the country will submerge under water in the next fifty years. The Kiribati government is planning to buy five thousand acres of land in Fiji to relocate the inhabitants.